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Changing Landscape

A Position Paper on How Cost and Quality Reforms Are Changing Healthcare in America: Focus on Nutrition [PDF]

Authors: Barry S. Rosen, P. J. Maddox, Nancy Ray

Critical Role of Nutrition in Improving Quality of Care: An Interdisciplinary Call to Action to Address Adult Hospital Malnutrition [PDF]

Authors: Kelly A. Tappenden, Beth Quatrara, Melissa L. Parkhurst, et al

Hospital Malnutrition: Prevalence, Identification and Impact on Patients and the Healthcare System [PDF]

Authors: Lisa A. Barker; Belinda S. Gout; Timothy C. Crowe

Patient Characteristics and the Occurrence of Never Events

Authors: Donald E. Fry, MD; Michael Pine, MD, MBA; Barbara L. Jones, MA; Roger J. Meimban, PhD

Redefining Readmission Risk Factors for General Medical Patients [PDF]

Authors: Nazima Allaudeen, MD; Arpana Vidyarthi, MD; Judith Maselli, MSPH; Andrew Auerbach, MD, MPH

Recurrent Readmissions in Medical Patients: A Prospective Study [PDF]

Authors: Alison M Mudge, MB BS (Hons); Karen Kasper, M Nurs L; Anne Clair, BA (Hons), M Clin Psych; et al

Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System [PDF]

Institute of Medicine

Hospital-Acquired Conditions

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

National Health Expenditure Data

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Recognizing Malnutrition

Recognizing Malnutrition in Adults: Definitions and Characteristics, Screening, Assessment, and Team Approach [PDF]

Authors: Gordon L. Jensen, Charlene Compher, Dennis H. Sullivan, Gerard E. Mullin

Consensus statement: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition: Characteristics Recommended for the Identification and Documentation of Adult Malnutrition (Undernutrition) [PDF]

Authors: J.V. White, P. Guenter, G. Jensen, et al

Malnutrition and Its Impact on Cost of Hospitalization, Length of Stay, Readmission and 3-Year Mortality

Authors: S.L. Lim, K.C.B. Ong, Y.H. Chan, et al

The Facilitated Early Enteral and Dietary Management Effectiveness Trial in Hospitalized Patients with Malnutrition

Authors: M. Somanchi, X. Tao, G.E. Mullin

Agreement on Defining Malnutrition

Authors: A. Skipper

The Skeleton in the Hospital Closet

Authors: C.E. Butterworth, Jr.

Everyone's Problem but Nobody's Job: Staff Perceptions and Explanations for Poor Nutritional Intake in Older Medical Patients

Authors: L.J. Ross, A.M. Mudge, A.M. Young, M. Banks

Development of a Valid and Reliable Malnutrition Screening Tool for Adult Acute Hospital Patients

Authors: M. Ferguson, S. Capra, J. Bauer, M. Banks

Nutritional Status of Patients who Have Fallen in an Acute Care Setting

Authors: J.D. Bauer JD, E. Isenring, J. Torma, et al

Malnutrition is an Independent Factor Associated with Nosocomial Infections

Authors: Schneider SM, P. Veyres, X. Pivot, et al

Nutritional Status and Associations with Falls, Balance, Mobility, and Functionality During Hospital Admission

Authors: A. Vivanti, N. Ward, T. Haines

Nutrition care practices in hospital wards: Results from the Nutrition Care Day Survey 2010

Authors: E. Agarwal, M. Ferguson, M. Banks, et al

Hospitalization and Change in Body Composition and Strength in a Population-Based Cohort of Older Persons

Authors: D.E. Alley, A. Koster, D.Mackey, et al

Decreased food intake is a risk factor for mortality in hospital patients: the Nutrition Day survey 2006

Authors: M. Hiesmayr, K. Schindler, E. Pernicka, et al

The Impact of Malnutrition on Morbidity, Mortality, Length of Hospital Stay, and Costs Evaluated Through a Multivariate Model Analysis

Authors: I. Correia, D.L. Waitzberh

Nutrition Parameters Associated with Prolonged Hospital Stays Among Ambulatory Adult Patients

Authors: R. Caccialanza, C. Klersy, E. Cereda, et al

Nutrition Screening Tools as Predictors of Mortality, Functional Decline and Move to Higher Level of Care in Older People: A Systematic Review

Authors: E. Dent, R. Visvanathan, C. Piantadosi, I. Chapman

Physician-Delivered Malnutrition: Why do Patients Receive Nothing by Mouth or a Clear Liquid Diet in a University Hospital Setting?

Authors: G.A. Franklin GA, S.A. McClave, R.T. Hurt, et al

Predictors for Achieving Protein and Energy Requirements in Undernourished Hospital Patients

Authors: E. Leistra, F. Willeboordse, M.A.E. van Bokhorst - de van der Schueren, et al.

Helping Understand Nutrition Gaps in the Elderly (HUNGER): a Prospective Study of Patient Factors Associated with Inadequate Nutrition Intake in Older Medical Inpatients

Authors: A.M. Mudge, L.J. Ross, A.M. Young, et al.

Protein-Energy Undernutrition Among Elderly Hospital Patients

Authors: S.D. Sullivan, S. Sun, R.C. Walls

Addressing Malnutrition

Addressing Malnutrition in Hospitalized Adults [PDF]

Authors: Cynthia Hamilton, Victoria J. Boyce

Impact of Oral Nutritional Supplementation on Hospital Outcomes

Authors: Tomas J. Philipson, Julia Thornton Snider, Darius N. Lakdawalla, et al
Philipson TJ, Snider JT, Lakdawalla DN, et al. Impact of oral nutritional supplementation on hospital outcomes. Am J Manag Care. 2013;19:121-128

The Economic Costs of Disease Related Malnutrition [PDF]

Authors: Karen Freijer, Siok Swan Tan, Marc A. Koopmanschap, et al

Protein and energy supplementation in elderly people at risk from malnutrition

Authors: A.C. Milne, J. Potter, A. Vivanti, A. Avenell

Three Month Intervention with Protein and Energy Rich Supplements Improve Muscle Function and Quality of Life in Malnourished Patients with Non-Neoplastic Gastrointestinal Disease—A Randomized Controlled Trial

Authors: Kristina Norman, Henrietta Kirchner, Manuela Freudenreich, et al

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Effects of High Protein Oral Nutritional Supplements

Authors: A.L. Cawood, M. Elia, R.J. Stratton

Nutrition Screening Tools: An Analysis of the Evidence

Authors: Annalynn Skipper, Maree Fergson, Kyle Thomspon, et al

Adult Nutrition Assessment Tutorial

Authors: Gordon L. Jensen, Pao Yin Hsiao, Dara Wheeler

A Systematic Review of Compliance to Oral Nutritional Supplements

Authors: Gary P. Hubbard, Marinos Elia, Anne Holdoway, Rebecca J. Stratton

Oral Nutritional Supplementation

Authors: Gordon L. Jensen, MD, PhD
Jensen GL. Oral nutritional supplementation. Am J Manag Care. 2013:19:119-120

Routine Protein-Energy Supplementation in Adults: Systematic Review

Authors: Jan Potter, Peter Langhorne, Margaret Roberts

Who Benefits from Nutrition Support: What is the Evidence?

Authors: Rebecca J. Stratton, Marinos Elia

A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled Trial of Nutritional Supplementation During Acute Illness

Authors: Salah Gariballa, Sarah Forster, Stephen Walters, Hilary Powers

A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial of Nutritional Supplementation in Malnourished Elderly in the Community: Clinical and Health Economic Outcomes

Authors: J. Edington, R. Barnes, F. Bryan, et al

Dietary Advice with or Without Oral Nutritional Supplementation for Disease-Related Malnutrition in Adults

Authors: Christine Baldwin, Christine Elizabeth Weekes

Outcomes Associated with Intradialytic Oral Nutritional Supplements in Patients Undergoing Maintenance Hemodialysis: A Quality Improvement Project

Authors: Eduardo Lascon, Jr, Weiling Wang, Barbara Zebrowski, et al

Enteral Nutritional Support in Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Authors: Rebecca J. Stratton, Anna-Christina Ek, Meike Engfe, et al

Dietary Advice for Illness-Related Malnutrition in Adults

Authors: Christine Baldwin, Christine Elizabeth Weekes

Individualized Nutritional Intervention During and After Hospitalization: The Nutrition Intervention Study Clinical Trial

Authors: Vincenzo Malafarina, Lucía Gil-Guerrero, Francisco Uriz-Otano

Oral Nutritional Support in Malnourished Elderly Decreases Functional Limitations with No Extra Costs

Authors: Floor Neelemaat, Judith E. Bosmans, Abel Thijs, et al

Cost-Effectiveness of a 3-Month Intervention of Oral Nutritional Supplements in Disease-Related Malnutrition: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study

Authors: K Norman, M Pirlich, C Smoliner, et al

Highlights from FNCE 2012

Highlights from FNCE 2012

Call to Action: Elevating Your Role in Patient Care (Self-Study Program)

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Kelly Danis, RD, LDN

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Malnutrition Self-Study Course
The Time is Now: Elevating the Role of Nutrition for Better Patient Outcomes (Self-Study Program)

Moderator: Kelly Tappenden, PhD, RD, FASPEN
Alison Steiber, PhD, RD
Terese Scollard, MBA, RD, LD

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East Carolina University, Greenville, NC

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